Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas at the Farm

Every year we head out to the farm I grew up on some time during Christmas break. The little house is bursting with the brothers, families, and step family, but this has become one of my favorite celebrations. A few years ago, my dad and stepmom finally agreed to a "no gifts" Christmas. Honestly, the only gift that means anything to any of us is simply spending time together. Usually, soup and holiday munchies are the food of the day. Several years ago it was such a mild weekend that Dad hooked up a wagon and took us all on a hayrack ride. Last year the snow was great so he and my nephews hooked up a car hood behind the 4-wheeler, and the adults and kids alike went sledding through the fields. Sometimes, my brother, who is the choir director at the Methodist Church, talks all of the kids and grandkids into singing in his choir on Sunday morning, so we all end up in church together. Who knows what the weather will be like this year, but I'm sure we'll find something to do. My nephew will be home from West Point for the first time since leaving in June. I'm sure he'll have some great stories of military college. So, with the exception of my little sis and family in California, all of us will be at the farm the weekend after Christmas. Throw in a few step dogs and you have the making of mass chaos...and a lot of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Step dogs - are you kidding me? You are the only family they have ever known. You can call them the hairy nephews from here on out. Love, Diane