Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fashion Week

The miserable temperatures gripping the nation this week had a definite affect on the fashion look in our schools. Travel from modular to modular meant bundling up against wind chills at -10 degrees. Just to give you a glimpse of the fashionistas:

Pink hands and noses meant creative ways to keep warm and make it to class. Worst move of the week: forgetting your gloves for Construction Tech classes who were working outside. My favorite look of the week: Carhartts over a shirt and tie for game day.


A said...

This cold weather is miserable! What's the temperature inside the modular buildings? Does it get really cold with the opening and closing of the doors between classes? I've been so cold on my commute, but my classroom has been toasty (even warm enough for the windows to be cracked at times).

Mrs. E said...

I keep my classroom set at about 75 in this cold. Prior to this it was at about 70. As long as our heaters stay working we can keep our classrooms warm for the kids. (I think only one has gone out so far, and they got it replaced fairly quickly.)When I saw the pics of NYC on the news, I thought about you walking and on the subways. Hope you're bundled up!

A said...

Hey, Just came across this idea for Tuesday's event and thought I'd share the link in case you were interested in making a post along the same lines. I am hoping I can get one up on the theme as well.