Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The little things I miss

I've written about the big things missing since the 'nader (as my students would say) got our school, but every day I remember something new (and perhaps trivial) that I had forgotten:
  • The smell... nothing like the smell of our old schools
  • Display windows where student art projects were easily shared
  • The old safe in the office and watching a secretary pulling on that heavy old door every morning
  • The "community" coffee pot and a place to chat
  • Faculty bathrooms
  • "Books Are Fun" displays and discounts
  • Hall posters announcing the latest event or cheering on the team
  • Televisions in every room- I rarely watched it, but I did turn it on for OJ's verdict and to find out what was happening on 9/11. Every March my students checked the NCAA Basketball scores during passing periods. And through the years I watched several Inaugurations during lunch periods.
  • Seeing students and staff members face to face, instead of tracking them down with a phone call
  • Pop machines
  • The group of teachers who met at the end of our wing during every passing period
  • Hearing the choir or the band practice as you walked down the hall--oh, and the carolling before school at Christmas
  • Students making it to class on time with a 4 minute passing period
  • Bells
  • Knowing what students were dating because we'd watch them walk the halls together

Little things. Do you think some day I'll be missing my trailer?

Monday Memories #7


Megan Wood said...

Caroling before school at Christmas time?! Aunt Coco that's classic, VERY Norman Rockwell. In downtown Roseville there's a museum that I've been going to a lot to do research on this 3-part story i'm doing on Roseville High School built in 1915 and everytime I go in there I feel like I'm in Kansas. It's a very odd feeling but maybe it's the way the museum smells, or how nice the lady is or how small townish it feels but I always have to remind myself that I'm not in Kansas anymore. So I think of you all on a weekly basis!

Gayle said...

I do think that someday you will miss some things about your trailer! Probably not everything, but some small things. Maybe you can find what those might be and it will make your trailer time a little more bearable now.

Thank you for kicking off Monday Memories today!