Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekend Vacation~Already!

I'm teaching roots of words to sophomores this week. One of today's roots was the Latin "vac" (empty), as in vacant, vacuum, or vacate. Oh yeah-- and vacation. I've been back at school a whopping week since Christmas break or Winter Break (as the PC school system says), so I really shouldn't be vacationing already. I am. The Mr.'s job requires a weekend show out of town, so I am making the trip to shop and to take in a few bookstores and perhaps a movie. The Mr. will be busy, so I will be on my own except for early breakfasts and late evening meals. I'd say that is lonely, but secretly--I enjoy it!

Strange as it may be this soon after break, I am glad to vacate our town for a few days. The last of the schools was demolished this week. There is a vacuum where our schools were located. To top it off, I've seen enough vacant stares this week to last me awhile...and not all of them belonged to my students starting research papers! Some of them were on the faces of the faculty as they realized it is 2 1/2 months until Spring Break. Weekend vacation--here I come!

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