Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Doldrums

Shortly after the family has left, the holiday merriment is over, and the last of the decorations have been packed away, the winter blahs tend to set in. Over the years I've learned a few survival tricks that work for me:
  • White lights on the artificial ficus tree in our family room. (Kind of like a Christmas Tree, but no decorations. Oh yeah, and I've tried the real kind, but I can't keep them alive.)
  • Candles. Lots of candles. It helps if you light them!
  • My snowman collection. They replace the Santa collection that just got packed away.
  • A wireless router so that I can work on my laptop anywhere in the house while the Mr. watches football. A lot of football.
  • Exercising outside every day regardless of the temperature, so I don't get cabin fever too bad.
  • Planning a weekend away: coffee, bookstores, birthday shopping for L, and a movie.
  • And it never hurts if I have a little rum slush left!

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