Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celebrating Success

This calls for a toast. My sophomores did exceptionally well on the State Reading test. As my students were finishing session 3 of the test, I found myself refreshing the results page every 20 seconds or so. Our State site gives results immediately after the student finishes the 3rd session. My heart was racing in anticipation. I felt like a sports coach, watching a close ballgame go into overtime. And each time I refreshed--more good news. Many scored at the Exemplary Level. Ninety-nine percent reached the mastery level. This is, by far, our best performance.

Still, my heart aches for the few who didn't make it. I know how hard they worked: the practice tests they did outside of class time, computer game reviews they played, and the effort they put into it. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances--like when English is not the language spoken in your home. Bless their hearts. I couldn't ask for more than what they gave me--their all.

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A said...

WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm soooo IMPRESSED and EXCITED to hear the wonderful news! And what a wonderful feeling to be DONE! I have one more day of testing (ours in Math) and then a long waiting to period for scores (we don't believe in technology in NYC... and still haven't gotten back Jan. Reading Test scores.)

YOU and your sophomores deserve a toast!! :)