Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Hate Dentists

Yep, it is that time again: the dreaded six month check up/cleaning. I have hated the dentist office for a long time. I think dentists are all a tad bit sadistic. They get to inflict pain, and we pay them to do it. I love the sign I saw in a dentist's office quite a few years back. It said, "Beware of bargains in dentistry." Are you kidding me? Are there bargains in dentistry? I have yet to find one. In this economy, I am beginning to consider a trip to the dentist a luxury. You may have you figured out that my insurance plan doesn't include dentistry. I brush. I floss. OK. I don't drink milk. (Ugh!) But, I'm sure they'll find a little something they can do today. The good news: hopefully, I won't have to go again for another six months. (And I'll make the appointment today. Seems it is almost impossible to get in to see the dentist. It is several months out for the latest appointment. I'd think they were incredibly busy, but my dentist maintains a three and a half day schedule a week. And does quite well financially, thanks to me and my kind.) And which Dr. do you dread the most?

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