Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week 2- Soda Free

I made it through the week without soda. Of course, I've had about a gallon of water a day. (We have to buy water for our water dispenser. Water from our tap could kill you. Exaggeration? Maybe. But you should see the film on top of it after it sits for a bit--and coffee does really funny things!)
Coffee, a true love, has been a life saver. Black or with creamer, it doesn't really matter. Two cups a day for maximum performance.

Of course, a back-up doesn't hurt.
Some of my friends have asked if I was giving it up for Lent. (I have good Catholic friends who are devout in sacrificing for Lent. I think we Protestants are a little "Lent Lazy.") Lent involves giving it up for 40 days. I'm giving it up for good. So, the answer is no. I'm giving it up for health, for the pocketbook, for me. Do I miss it? Every day at 4:00. Relaxing after school, soda soothed. I've been a sodaholic, so I'm pretty sure I can't have "just one." However, I've made it this far without it--I might as well go the distance. (Can you hear the Rocky theme song in the background?)

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