Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arbor Day 09

I have been mourning the loss of trees around here since the tornado. When K called to tell me that she and a friend were running in an Arbor Day race a couple towns over, I decided to go see her run. So many trees have been planted around here that our "Arbor Day" celebrating has been going on all year. The tiny tot division ran to the end of the block around a cone and back. So cute! And one little girl was fast!

K and friend getting ready to go in the 2 mile fun run.

And this was the start of the 3.2 mile race.

They had a light sprinkle and cool morning for a run.

The runners wanted breakfast after their race. I splurged, even though I hadn't run. This was my bruschetta frittata at "The Chef." Yummy! (Goat cheese, green olives, and tomato topping.) That is the sweetest little place. I wrote about it before here. I didn't run, splurged on breakfast and treated myself to some shopping. I think my priorities may be a bit screwed up! Happy Arbor Day to me!


Anonymous said...

Nah.....just the way they should be! LOVE the photo Of K.Sue!!! r

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Relyn said...

OH! I wanna eat dinner at your house.