Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here We Go Again-- Hopefully Not!

This is how dark it was in the middle of the afternoon. The wind was terrible. Then came the rain.
I knew it would have to happen sometime. The tornado sirens went off this afternoon at 3:40-- the first time since the tornado hit ten months ago. I'm sure I wasn't the only person in town freaking out. So, what have I learned?
  • Don't ignore the sirens.

  • Have a pair of shoes for every member of the family. (Not flip flops.)
  • Have a flashlight for every person, or at least every adult. (16 people tried to use one flashlight last summer. It doesn't work.)

  • A radio with batteries is a good thing.
  • Grab your purse, wallet, and car keys on your way to shelter. A light jacket wouldn't hurt.
  • If you've got pets--gather them up. Take their leash. Otherwise you'll find yourself making one out of shoe strings or the string in your sweats.

So that is how I spent my Sunday afternoon in this small town-- praying that we wouldn't ever have to go through that again. (We aren't over the first round yet!)

Small Town Snapshot Sunday


Gayle said...

How scary. I hope everyone is safe tonight.

Anonymous said...

I heard about the terrible weather happening over there. Keep safe!

A said...

I definitely don't miss tornado season, especially after what happened there last year. Makes me nervous... Mom was telling me some were reported close to the house... I'll be thinking of you all this stormy season.


I remember it as a kid living in Chapman. We always laughed and went outside to watch. Never again. I was thinking about the weather and the changes. I too hope it never happens again. But I am so glad you are prepared. I hope everyone else is too, especially my Dad.

safe said...

just remember " Safety First"

ELK said...

are you OK?
a good day for ducks I say