Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just a Pedicure, Please!

I don't know what it is lately, but I am striking out at the nail salons. I wear fairly short acrylic nails during the school year. I am in front of students and talk with my hands a lot, so it helps if they don't have to look at my normally chewed nails. But about two months ago, the guy that has done my nails for a couple of years started in on a political rant about our current president. I don't like talking politics. I'm a liberal in a conservative state and community. Now, my little Vietnamese friend has voiced his opinions before, but he wanted to question and grill me about how I could support the current administration. I left my half hour appointment irritated and ticked. I had paid him money to have to sit and listen to his political preaching. I don't preach at him. I'd prefer not even to discuss politics or anything other than general niceties. So, I switched salons.

And that brings us to today's pedicure. I've gone to this new salon several times before, but today a Vietnamese nail tech in the new salon asked me if I was Catholic. (I'm not, and why he brought up that subject is beyond me.) And then he goes into this long monologue on how I should be, that his religion is so much better than mine, and we don't even have all the books of the Bible, etc., etc., etc. ARGH!!! What is it with these people? We are captive audiences. We can't exactly leave mid-pedicure or manicure. Maybe it is a machismo thing in their culture to tell women how or what to think, because the Vietnamese girls never do this. I think I am going to have to start requesting techs. Either that or give up getting my nails done. (Did I mention that I soaked off my acrylics today? I'm getting ready for a summer of gardening and cleaning. Maybe I won't put them back on.)


Gayle said...

That is odd. I would think that these guys wouldn't want to annoy paying customers. I say, go with natural nails!

Puna said...

Mrs. E,

Very funny! I'm a conservative in a liberal town and we both must feel like fish out of water at times! I don't blame you for switching salons and it looks like you may have to switch again!

And your toes look fabulous...