Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quoth She

I started a second blog. This one incorporates two things I have loved since high school: quotes and photography. I have been collecting quotes since my sophomore year. I even put together a scrapbook of favorite quotes and illustrated them with cards or pictures cut from magazines. Through the years, I have added several million more, and have been posting a "thought for the day" on the board every school day for years now. (OK. A million might be an exaggeration. Hyperbole is right up there with sarcasm as my mother tongue.) I guess my new blog kind of takes that scrapbooking creativity to a different level.

That same year of high school, I became a yearbook photographer and learned to develop my own black and white photos in the school dark room. With a camera that showed the image upside down, I learned to see the world a little differently through the eye of the camera. It was fun to see the pictures appear 'magically' under my fingers, but the new digital cameras make photography much more enjoyable and much less stressful. (You know immediately whether the shot worked, if people's eyes were open, or if you shook the camera a bit or missed your focus.)

Stop by and see the new place here: Quoth She. The quotes are borrowed. The pictures are mine.

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Alicia said...

YAH! I love it!!!! Always so inspiring!!! I'm already a follower :)