Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Day of School

Last day of finals. I'd say the kids will clean out their lockers, but they don't have them. Usually, the custodians find enough pencils in the halls and lockers to give the teachers loaners to see us through the fall semester. No halls to clean either. Guess we'll buy pencils for next fall. I'm not exactly sure what we have to do to get our trailers ready for the summer. I'm locking up the technology and that may be about it. The tornado may have made checking out easier.

These are images that lead me to believe my summer will be both beautiful and relaxing.
Maybe the town is making up for the lost trees and houses, but flowers and birdhouses seem to be abundant in the neighborhood this year. Even with almost no damage at our house, we've added more flowers than usual, a couple of trellises, and I'm scoping out a few birdhouses, too. I'm looking forward to a summer of simple pleasures and outdoor treasures.


elk said...

you made it~! the blooms are a celebration!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Gorgeous! I hope your summer is a time a beautiful reflection and relaxed days!

2Thinks said...

Gorgeous pics! What camera is taking these? I am in the market for one. Looking at the Nikon Cool pix so far.

Mrs. E said...

I think most of these were taken with a Kodak Share Z612. It is a great little camera, but I hear Kodaks are almost impossible to repair if you have problems. The poppy picture was taken with a Nikon Cool pix. I love that little camera, too! It can't zoom in as close as the Kodak, but it is a great size to carry in my purse or briefcase. The Kodak is bulkier so many times I would be without a camera when I really wanted one. Not so with the Cool Pix, I can always have it on hand. Have a great weekend!