Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Shoemaker's Kids

You've heard the old story of how the shoemaker's kids went barefoot? Well, this is the story of the RV salesman's RV. (No time for camping when you're in the RV business!) This tiny camper is our RV. I call it the "Barbie Dream House," because it is about the size and shape of a Barbie house. (Yes, it is as small as it looks!) Actually, no more than we get to camp, it is the perfect size. It is an Aliner, whose motto is "Friends don't let friends sleep under canvas." And true enough, the hard top does keep us dry and warm. We use it for sleep and that is about it, which is (after all) the whole idea of camping. It can stow a lot of gear and is light to tow. There is no bathroom which is sometimes a drawback. Mind you, I am not complaining. It beats a tent or not camping at all. And we sure provide a conversation piece any time we camp. So if you see the Barbie Dream House out this weekend, come by and visit. The tours don't take long!


2Thinks said...

My laugh came at the title and first line of the post. My sister's last name is Shoemaker and her 4 young kids are always running around w/o shoes among other missing things. It made me think of them- I love 'em.

We enjoyed camping w/our 3 kids so much when they were young. Took them to Yellowstone and the caves in Kentucky, Williamsburg- all the historical stuff I could work in to my home education plan etc. We had a Jayco pop up from the 1980's (that's the brown stripe).

Sold it to my cousin a few years back, as all our spare cash starting pouring into college education for Outside the Box.

Now, this Barbie dreamhouse here, this is the ticket. I love it! Let me know when you're heading to Michigan. Mackinac City camping/ferry to Mackinac Island is beautiful. Wait until late July or August though- takes Michigan a looong time to warm up!

Relyn said...

Cracking me up. I had a friend whose father was the most incredible hair stylist. She got a cut once in her senior year. Just in time for prom.

Wendy said...

I love this! We have a traditional pop-up and it's so nice not to have to sleep on the ground now. I've never seen an a-frame before! It's cute!