Monday, June 29, 2009

Control Alt Delete

I have no artistic ability in my body. Not an ounce. Stick figures are a struggle. If I could paint, I'd like to paint like the two artists above. I saw these at the Art Museum on Friday. That was the good part of my day. (That and the new Asics running shoes.)
The mall where I bought the shoes has a popcorn shop that sells the most delicious cinnamon popcorn. We purchased a small bag. While eating it, I evidently broke a tooth because all of a sudden I have a hole. Drat! I hate to go to the dentist, and now I have to see if he can get me in today. I'm hoping this counts as an emergency, otherwise it is a three month wait. I'm also hoping that he isn't taking summer vacation this 4th of July week.
Sometimes I think life needs a control alt delete function. I would use it for Friday evening during that hour of chowing down on cinnamon popcorn. I loved the popcorn, but hate the broken tooth. And I'm pretty sure if I can get in to see the dentist, I'm going to wish I could control alt delete the time I spend in his chair! (Not to mention the bill!)
The great balancing act: art museum, new shoes, and cinnamon popcorn vs. broken tooth. I guess the three good outweigh the one bad, but I really hate the dentist!!


ols1 said...

You poor thing - it sounds like you enjoyed the outing nonetheless - so keep thinking about that while the dentist is drilling :(

2Thinks said...

Ditto on the dentist. How was Camelot? I hope all goes well w/the tooth. I'm sorry that happened to you. I always have trouble with popcorn it seems. The above art is wonderful. I love art museums.

Gayle said...

I'm with you on your feelings for visiting the dentist. Hope you can been seen quickly and that the visit is easy.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Ooh, sorry to hear this. Up until the mishap, it sounded like such a great day. I hope it all works out.

M said...

I agree with you on the dentist. I'm fine with any other type of doctor, but the dentist. I think its the smell...yuck! I hope everything works out! Watch out for those needles :(

Puna said...

I think a art masterpiece can fix anything!