Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

As this week comes to a close, my five favorite moments of the week:

5. The Bookstore. I'm surrounded by all kinds of books that I want to read, have been exposed to a few new authors, and might be ready to work the book area by myself--which by the way, I am doing tomorrow! Wish me luck!

4. The Bluffs. The Mr. and I have walked this new trail at the next town over a couple of times this week. The tree lined path is just a little over a mile around and smells like the farm: wildflowers, cedar and buck brush.

3. "The Producers." I absolutely loved this funny, slightly naughty musical when we saw it on Sunday. I wish I had seen Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick star in the lead roles on Broadway. I pictured them the entire show. The choreography of the little old ladies with their walkers was wonderful, and I can't quit humming the song, "Keep It Gay."

2. Flag Flying. After 911, they asked all Americans to fly their flag every day between Flag Day (June 14th) and the 4th of July. We've been doing that every year since. The Mr. tells me our flag has faded enough that it could be a Civil War flag, so I probably need to get a new one. (And now you know the reason for the new blog banner.)

1. Fun Friday. The Mr. is off. We started the day with a walk out at the lake/river trail. Since temperatures are over 80 by 8:00 and the heat index has ended up at 100+ most days this week, we took our swimsuits along and took a quick swim at the lake after we finished. After that we went out for breakfast. We looked pretty rough, but it was fun. Tonight the daughters are taking the Mr. to a semi-pro baseball game in the next town. This is part of his Father's Day Fun. They have a big beer garden out in right field that kind of turns into a huge block party. It is a great time, and best of all--we will get to catch up with the daughters.

This has been a great week! I'm not sure I'll be able to top it!


Gayle said...

That is an excellent list of favorite moments! I'm so glad you mentioned about the flag flying. I totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder. And, I love your new banner!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What a magical week you have had ~ thanks for letting us have a peek inside of it! I loved my glimpse inside your world. Blessings, Katie

ols1 said...

I enjoyed visiting your site. Loved the favourites post - it is good to look back over the week and absorb what you have achieved. If I think of my last week - it is pretty much a blur - have a good weekend :)

Relyn said...

OH, you are having such a wonderful summer, aren't you? I'm so glad!! Aren't we blessed?