Friday, June 5, 2009

Seeing the Sites at a Slower Pace

Wheat fields are beginning to turn in our country. The rain and sun have cooperated with the stewards of the fields. I took a bike ride from home to an RV park near here. Well, when you're driving it seems near. This out-of-shape biker thought it seemed as if I were crossing our state! So...I took a couple of photo breaks on my journey. (Biking tip #1: Snap pictures or at least pretend to, so you can catch your breath!)
Yes, that is my bicycle taking a rest. I have no kick stand, so she goes prone when she's (I'm) tired.

This bike bag holds all the important things: the camera for photo breaks and my cell phone in case I don't think I'm going to make it and have to call for a sag wagon! (Biking tip #2: Have a reliable sag wagon on speed dial!) Let me just say that if I'm going to do a bike trail later this summer, I had better get myself in shape. Since I'm going to have to ride a lot more, I'm sure there will be more biking photos coming. I've got to rest my saddle and catch my breath somehow! Actually, there is no nicer way to see the countryside. We miss so much from our cars!


2Thinks said...

Love biking! My extended family on my mother's side gets together every year for a *bike trip*. I say it loosely because there are relatives and family friends from age newborn to 80 years old who show up for this event. Needless to say, we have to find easy, short trails to ride. We make a camping trip out of it. I should blog a story about it. Perhaps I will. I'm glad to read how you are enjoying your summer- which has fully begun. I am still waiting for the final ACT test to be taken. Ugh.

glnroz said...

I posted the other day, so while having coffee and getting ready to do payroll, I clicked back to you "blog". I have been in a "fizz" most of my life and seeing your photograpy makes me realize how much I used to enjoy my cameras. Just a word of thanks for the hint that we should relax and think about some of the things that we really enjoy. have a great day

glnroz said...

Good morning,,
I saw your blog a couple of days ago. I am in the process of setting up a blog. (blogs to note or something like that) While having coffee and getting ready to do payroll, I clicked back to your page. I have pretty much worked in a "fizz" most of my life but your post made me remember how much I used to enjoy my cameras and photography. Thanks for the few moments of serenity before I get back into my "fizz" this morning. Makes me realize that my first attempt at "blog" was much too again.. visit if you would like..

Mrs. E said...

Glnoz- Glad you found me. I will stop by!

Heidi- I forgot about your ACT testing. Is that tomorrow? Or next Saturday? I'll cross my fingers. (I can't imagine how stressful it is for our kids!) I would like to see a post on your family-bike-camping trip. What a great reunion idea! If you ever get the chance...I highly recommend the KATY trail in Missouri. (So flat and easy, but beautiful, too!) Happy Friday!

Gayle said...

Can you believe I never really went beyond riding my tricycle? My husband taught me to ride a 2 wheeler and I think I rode a total of 5 times!

Shawna said...

LOL "take pictures or at least pretend to." I'm glad you're having a good time biking around. I wish I still could!

Davis really sucks the fun out of biking. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but our city is basically biketown. It's no longer a fun thing, it's a dangerous people-crash-into-you-in-bike-circles, people get BUIs (biking under the influence's), it's a mode of transportation!! Gross!

When I visit home, my parents want to go for a "nice bike ride" I plead out, just because I'm home to escape from the pesty creatures!

Shawna's Study Abroad

Alicia said...

You should come here to NY and go biking on the island beach Seth and I stayed at this weekend. There are no cars on this island (or at least not on the part we stayed in!) and it's a nice relaxing bike ride around. It's not a far distance and you don't have to go too fast! But the sites are beautiful and anytime you want, you can head south to the beach for a quick foot dip and the sound of crashing waves!

Do wish I could see those wheat fields turning... I've been away from Kansas almost a year! The LONGEST in my life!

Alicia said...

OOOO and ps: I LOVE the blog banner! Beautiful pictures!!