Monday, July 20, 2009

A few more bookstore moments

I have worked a lot less at the bookstore this week, which was nice. It gave me time to help L get ready for her move. She has now transplanted herself back home for a couple of weeks. Right now, she is trying to catch up on laundry. When K and roomie moved, they took the washer and dryer so L hasn't done laundry for two (2!) weeks. That child has to have a lot of underwear to make it that long without laundry. Eight days is pushing it for me!

Sunday night at the bookstore was slow. There weren't many people there, but a couple of doozies that I have to share.

*The teenager who asked, "Do you have the book At Last Shrugged?" I looked at the young lady in puzzlement and on my way to the computer kiosk it dawned on me: Atlas Shrugged!! *sigh* (concealed eye rolling and a mental groan!)

*The lady about my age who asked if we had patterns for Thanksgiving centerpieces. (I'm thinking: they have patterns for centerpieces? It is July and you're hunting for Thanksgiving patterns??) I sent her to the craft book area. She came back and said, "Is that all you have? I didn't see what I needed." Ya think!! It is July, lady!!

On a more serious note:

About once a week since I've been there, some 35-50 year old man comes in and asks where he can find books on romance. Not love stories, but what women want in terms of romance. Two thoughts always run through my head. 1. He's back in the dating pool and it has been a long time since he has dated. OR 2. He is trying to figure out how to win his wife over so she won't divorce him. I feel sorry for them. They look so awkward, like this is way out of their realm. I'm pretty sure they haven't had much experience with this area of the bookstore. (I'm not sure the guy tonight had ever been in a bookstore!) And I'm guessing it costs a little pride to have to ask the bookstore lady for help. Tonight's customer sank into a chair with a copy of The Idiot's Guide to Romance.

I wonder if the Mr. would like a copy. I'm kidding!! (He reads my blog, so I'm probably dead meat!) Love ya, honey!!


Alicia said...

he he! these are funny!

margie said...

my morning laugh. at last, i shrugged.

Gayle said...

Awww, poor guy. Umm, my hubby could use that book. heehee!