Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've already discussed my love of BLT's. The tomatoes from the garden are coming in daily right now, so I am in heaven.

The daughters tell me that there are some awesome variations on my beloved BLT. (You probably already know these. I had never heard of them before.) One variation is called the BELT: Bacon, Eggs, Lettuce, and Tomato. I've tried it. Yum. There are several ways you can make the BELT. A fried egg is a natural choice, but next time I am thinking of hard boiling an egg and slicing it like the tomato. I'm guessing that egg salad, bacon, lettuce, and tomato would be great, too.

The BALT is bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. Sounds delicious. I must make time in my BLT summer to try it.

There isn't actually a Firebolt. (That is actually the name of Harry Potter's Quidditch broom. I've got Harry Potter on the brain this week.) I'm making this up as I go along, so work with me here! BOLT: Bacon, Onion or Olive, Lettuce, and Tomato. The fire could come from jalapeno peppers or hot salsa. What do you think? Pretty impressive culinary skills, eh?!

I'm thinking the Food Network is going to be calling soon. (Though I'm not sure they want a cook with a one food repertoire. Wait! Make that two! I do peanut butter and jelly variations, too!)


2Thinks said...

I'd look for you on Food Network, if only I had my cable back. Canceled it to be more non-t.v. ee, now I barely ever watch. I miss it though.

I'll take a BALT and a BOLT- add basil to mine, from my garden. MMMMmmmm.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I can't wait to try the belt Mrs. E.!!! All sound wonderfully delicious, but even more so with garden ripe tomatoes! Yummy!

ols1 said...

You are making me hungry. Like the sound of the Balt.