Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Good Gardener Is Headed Home

Our former principal and neighbor lost his fight. He gave it a valiant effort. I wrote about his beautiful yard here. I made a movie slide show of his yard this year and took it to the nursing home so he could see it. I realized that day in early July that he didn't have long. I'm not sure he knew who I was or that those were his beautiful flowers.

He was such a caring, kind, wise man before his deterioration. I have missed him for several years now. I think most of the town has.

And if God was in need of a gardener, He got the right man.


ols1 said...

Such beautiful flowers - and such a beautiful post I remember it well :)

Gayle said...

Even if he didn't know who you were, or that those were his flowers, I'm sure your visit and slide show gave him happiness.

glnroz said...

very gracious,

elk said...

such a tribute ...blessings mrs e