Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sun Goes Down On Summer

Today is my last day of summer. Tomorrow the teachers report for meetings. It has been a great summer: a lake house, lots of tomatoes and cucumbers, the bookstore job, a couple of museums, summer musicals, beautiful flowers, and lots of time with the family.

The downside: my classroom and lesson planning are not ready to go. I should work on them today. *sigh* But I'm thinking about spending this afternoon in the swimming pool. That seems like an appropriate way to end the summer.

Then I remember that last summer, beginning August 1st, I worked in my trailer from 7:30 in the morning until 8:00 at night for almost a week. The Mr. brought lunch and supper to me. I wanted to make sure I finished my room so I could help those people who couldn't move in as early as I did. It turned out to be a good thing since we were moving teachers into classrooms right up until the night before school started. (And when I say moving in, I mean hauling and cleaning student desks, books, etc.) No wonder I haven't wanted to work at school this year.

I really am excited about going back to school, but I just want one more day to play. I sound like one of my sophomores, don't I?? "The trouble with kids today is that they are us." Yep, that sounds about right.


2Thinks said...

I'm sorry I have to say this, but I am seriously depressed over the title of this post. I feel like summer is just beginning here. We are experiencing our third warm day with low humidity. People are just beginning to come over for a swim in our pool. My stress level is declining with each countdown day 'til I'm not a manager anymore. The sun cannot be going down on summer, Mrs. E., it just can't be...*sigh*

But, I, too, am preparing the list of books we need to home school through Fash's senior year. American Lit., a Geography course, the math, the science, the writing...Some of the classes will be taken outside of our home with real teachers- yeah!- but I still have a lot to do in the next two weeks.

I'm glad you've had such a restful summer, just what every teacher needs. Thanks for sharing a lot of it here on your blog.

As for the fish oil pills....tried 'em. Choked. Very scary. Big honkers!

margie said...

i bet you are a fabulous teacher.

Gayle said...

Oh, no, I don't want to hear that! We have another three weeks left of summer vacation and I don't want it to end. :( We have only had a few days of hot weather and it doesn't feel right to be thinking of school starting up so soon already.

Good luck with your meetings and beginning a new year!

ols1 said...

I look forward to the first day of summer - isn't that funny - we haven't even had spring yet :) There is nothing worse than having to go back to work after a relaxing summer break - you do sound refreshed and ready to go again. Hope you enjoy your first day.

Relyn said...

Thinking of you. It's that time of year for me, too.