Saturday, August 8, 2009

Move #2

Finally, L was able to move into her new place on August 1st. The girls spent an incredible amount of time trying to make the house inhabitable. The boys that had lived there for eight years had left quite a mess. I think the girls are enjoying the house. The verdict is still out on their landlords. (Well, it might already be in--but if you can't say anything nice....!) The four windows you see on the right are a screened porch entry. It has a door leading to their living room and french doors leading to their dining room.
This is one corner of the screened room. They have room for several chairs, a table, and a ficus tree.

This is their living room. Once the beer flags and beer bottle collection were gone and they painted, they have a charming room. The stairs lead to the two bedrooms of L's roommates and a bathroom.

The next room is their dining room. It originally had dark taupe walls with weird green wavy lines. Amazing what some paint will do. The landlords bought the paint, but the girls did the work.
This is the kitchen cooking area. I promised not to show the rest because they still have quite a few things to put away in here, but they have a huge area for a breakfast table and a couple of pantries.

This is the end of their dining room and shows the hall leading to L's room on the right and stairs leading to another entry, a landing, and more stairs to the basement. L's room is on the main level and though it is small, it has a "powder room" in it.
She has room for her bed, dresser, and a bookcase, but not room for much else. Her closet is minuscule and has a pocket door to enclose it. We painted the walls and the woodwork in this room.
L put these pictures in the hallway leading to the basement and right outside her bedroom door.
This room is where the carpet had been nailed to the rafters to create a bedroom. It is amazing how different the entire basement looks now! The girls are using it for storage, exercise, and sitting area. They would have done more, but this house is incredibly hard to get furniture into. The stairs all have landings and turns. One roommate couldn't get her box springs into her room.
The basement has a full bath (where L showers) and a laundry area. There is also another bedroom area (not fit to be seen yet) and a fruit cellar-tornado shelter-underground railroad safe place. (I'm not sure what it was, but I'm sure the girls will end up using it for storage.)
After thinking they might never get into the house, the girls are glad to be moved in. The place looks incredible. I wish I had the "before" pictures. There are still some things that need fixed or replaced, but I'm sure the landlords could actually sell this place now. And they can thank the girls for getting it into shape for them!


Lauren said...

Wow! That looks like a great house! It's amazing how cozy you all were able to get it in such a short amount of time! I imagine trying to situate into a place that boys had been living in for eight years was a bit of a chore, but it all the pictures you've posted look very cute.

Gayle said...

It looks really nice! I hope the landlords aren't too bad. That can make such a big difference in how you feel about living in a place.

ols1 said...

It does look incredible - aren't they lucky!! Great taste :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

It's beginning to look like home! I really like the screened in porch and the nice touches that have been added.
Many New Home Blessings,