Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Recap

  1. I worked in my room several days. The Mr. helped me hook up all my electronics. (Our trailers are fairly short on electrical outlets.) I got the bathroom corner shelf back in and rearranged a few things. There is still a lot to do, but it is progress!
  2. The bat funnels are on the house. We have considerably less noise coming from the attic. My guess is that in a couple days we might be bat free.
  3. I worked at the bookstore on Sunday night, and I work again tonight. It has been nice to have a few days off. I will even be glad to get back there tonight.
  4. Had dinner with K and the new guy in her life. A new restaurant opened in J town. It was a nice evening, and he seems like a great guy.
  5. The Mr. and I are back to walking early in the morning here in town. I'm practicing getting up for school next week. As long as it is dark, I don't mind walking in town. (During the day, I still miss the trees and houses so much that it is tough to enjoy the walk.) We can tell the days are growing shorter. A month ago it was still light out when we were walking at this same time of day.

This weekend we are headed for a little family golf get-together. They have tee times on Saturday and Sunday. (The non-golfers are taking in a movie and shopping.) It will be good to see the cousins. They are such fun people! Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!


ols1 said...

It would be movies and shopping for me - hope you have a great weekend too :)

Mrs. E said...

Yeah, no golf for me. I don't think they have time for all my whiffing!

2Thinks said...

What movie? Fash wants to take me to Jane and Jeanne or Joan and Jinny or something like that. She says there's blogging in it and two other things that sound like me. I need a new brain, this memory problem is killing me!

Sounds like you're ready for the new school year- in the trailer- one happy camper, that's what you are, any kid is lucky to get you for a teach. Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. E said...

We're looking at Julie and Julia, too. It has Meryl Streep playing Julia Childs. We're also thinking about 500 Days of Summer. We haven't decided yet.

Gayle said...

Have a fun time!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

When do you go back? We are having to work around the remodeling going on at our school. Some teachers haven't been able to get into their rooms. I had one day in mine but couldn't use any of the restrooms and no air conditioning. Whew! But school will begin whether we are ready or not. Blessings on your preparations gal! Katie