Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Cool Down

After a windy, windy (!) couple of days, the weather is supposed to be beautiful (cool and sunny) all weekend. I am looking forward to a long bike ride. The trees are turning and the fall flowers in town are beautiful! Yesterday, temperature forecasts had me scrambling to move my mandevilla and a couple of geraniums into the school greenhouse. Hopefully, they will not only survive the winter, but I think our student horticulturists are going to take some cuttings off of them for potting and selling next spring. (Sharing the wealth!)
I guess now that the plants are moved in for the winter, it is time for me to put away the summer clothes, flip flops, and sandals. Electric blanket, here I come!


2Thinks said...

You are so organized. I envy that. Over here, we are in the midst of "the project" still. The bathroom, you know. So, things that belong in the garage and in the bathroom are all in the living room. I.T. can only work on the project for a few hours after work on nights when we don't have other pressing matters.

Soooo, I'm not feeling very organized. And my plants outside are all dead in their pots and just sitting there waiting for me to come clean up the mess of them. *sigh*

But, the Pumpkin Festival is in Z-town (as you would call it) today, so Fash and I are off! We can't miss that, right? I.T. will be hunting.

The mums in your pic are beautiful!

Gayle said...

Your photo is so beautiful!

I think today I should do the same thing. Put those summer clothes away and get the warm stuff out!

Puna said...

I've been freezing for the last couple of weeks:) I wanted to the leaves to turn to match the temperature...looks like it's happening now:)

Dandy said...

Lovely photo, the colors are beautiful.

Can you send some cooler weather here? I'm sick of being sweaty.