Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pink Thoughts

Every Thursday during October, I am joining Christina and many others who are posting something pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It also happens to be Down Syndrome Awareness Month as little LC made me aware, so I am posting pink geraniums for both of these worthy causes.I am so glad that I moved these geraniums in last week as temperatures are really taking a dive around here. Highs of 40's are predicted by the weekend with a remote chance of snow on Sunday. Our Octobers are usually a bit milder than this!
I'm getting irritated with baseball. All right, already! Wasn't the World Series played the 1st or 2nd week in October? It gets later every year. At this rate, we'll be playing it on Christmas Eve. The combination of football and baseball is deadly in this household: the Mr. is the guy who went off to play college baseball and then became a football coach. Enough! Uncle! I give! Please pass me that darn remote.
I'm off to work Tiny Town's Cross Country meet after school. I'm praying for no rain and no runners throwing up on my shoes. The finish line chute always provides a bit of scary fun! Happy Thursday!


Yiota said...

Hi! i've joined pink Thursdays, too. I love your pink geraniums. I have a pot on my balcony. I may take a picture for next Thursday's post.

Gayle said...

Aaaah, October snow sounds horrible!

I hope your shoes stay clean!

Christina said...

thank you for bringing to my attention, that is down syndrome awareness month, as well. these are both worthy causes.
yep, it is cold outside! : )

Puna said...

I'm cold this morning! brrr... Beautiful geraniums.

Puna said...

Oh and I love football so anytime it's on, I'm glued to the tv also just like your hubby:)

courtney said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, for thinking of us on your Thursdays, too!

The geraniums are a much more fitting tribute than the two wilted and frozen hibiscus plants I discovered on our patio this morning.

Perfectly lovely.

Dandy said...

You were the frist person who brought to my attention it is also Down Syndrome month, thank you!

joyce said...

Bite your tongue! How can anyone get tired of baseball?????
Seriously though, thank you for bringing Down's Syndrome to our awareness. It is also National Depression Awareness Canada anyways.

2Thinks said...

I do hope nobody throws up on your shoes, too. Is that really a possibility? I also did not know about Down's Syndrome awareness week. TY for that tidbit. The geraniums are gorgeous! Good shot.

I've started the 46 before 47 list. I can see that could take a while. How long do I have? For the A, of course.

Happy Friday eve!

elk said...

i am playing catch up and I am so happy to visit your place of pink beauty ...nice thoughts & image