Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Who knew that I could actually post this on a Thursday? Ta-da! These are reasons to be thankful:

*L is excited because her friend CG is coming in from Philly tonight. She is picking him up at the airport, and he will be here until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Yep, she is one happy girl.

*Last Sunday, K's friend CT had a fish fry for us. Essentially, we all sat around in coats on lawn chairs and watched him fry fish and hush puppies. Have I mentioned that CT is a really good cook? Yum! (And yes, I can tell this is going to be a nightmare with the CT and the CG. Their names are way too similar, and I am way too old!)

*The Mr. and I are headed to a football game. We're watching my cousin's son who is playing in the State Semi-Finals. I love my cousin; he's been amusing me since he was a kid. He's been asking us to come for a month or so, and we're finally getting there. Can't wait to watch his son play and enjoy some time with his family.

*Only two days of school next week! We're ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. I'm also hoping for a movie, a little Black Friday shopping, and decorating for the holidays.

To be honest, I'm thankful for almost everything at this time of year: electric blankets, turkey and dressing, excited students worn out from basketball practices, and crisp days. There is a lot to love in November.


margieandkath said...

have a great holiday next week.

CMwhyK said...

awww i wish i still had someone to decorate for the holidays with i really loved that and my mom had millions of decorations and i really mean millions hehe. Happy Holidays ps you should do this its totally funny

Gayle said...

Ahhh, great thankful things! Two days of school next week? We have three. How many student days per year do the schools in your state need to have? I think here it is 180 or 181.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh we truly are kindred spirits! I love my cousin and his children so much too! And your description of your husband sounds very familiar. I just love reading about your happy life and thankful heart! I am thankful for you! Blessings!