Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

On Easy Street, this Christmas Eve is a first. In the past, this day has been a day of hectic rush in trying to finish it all up. I've cooked, cleaned, wrapped, and rushed off to celebrate Christmas with the Mr.'s family. The Mr. has gone to work for part of the day and then rushed out to finish (actually, begin!) his shopping.

After the family gathering, we rushed back to make the Candlelight Christmas Eve service at church. K and L would open a package--Christmas PJ's and scurry off to bed.

You'd think the day would be over, but some years this is when the real rush began. I'm remembering the year of the &#*% Barbie Dream House. We began assembly at around 10 PM. By 2:00, I broke into the wine! We finally finished around 4:30--and the girls were up at 5 to see if Santa had arrived. Yeah, that was a long day.

Another year, a daybed was set up in L's room. Santa (played by the Mr.) broke the globe to her overhead light. So we had clean up and set up to do.

This year is a piece of cake! I think this may be our first "quiet" Christmas Eve. K is off to CT's family for their celebration. L has a touch of the flu, so she may be here later this afternoon for a little TLC. If she has recovered, she will be spending Christmas Eve with CG's family.

The Mr. is working this morning. This afternoon, he and I are headed to his mother's for his family Christmas. It will be an early evening, as the MIL tires easily. The pork tenderloin for the meal is slowly cooking here. I think all the Mr.'s siblings will be there this afternoon--the first time in quite awhile that we've all been together.

We will probably go to the late Christmas Eve service when we return. We'll ring the church and pass the light from candle to candle. Afterwards, there will be no assembling of gifts into the wee hours. In fact, the only thing to worry about is whether the egg casserole is ready to slip into the oven tomorrow morning.

Christmas was always fun when the girls were little, but I think this Christmas fits us now. We did the late nights and rush when we were younger and more energetic. I'll miss the girls, but I know they'll be having a good time, too. I'm kind of enjoying the calm today. I think my age is showing!

If the weather cooperates, K and L will arrive tomorrow and our Christmas fun will begin. The white Christmas may cause some delays. In fact, we have already talked about options B, C, and D! Options are good!

Right now, I'm enjoying this Christmas Eve morning. Hope you are, too!

"The first gift of Christmas is a parent's love."


Relyn said...

Today is the first day of our school break. As you can imagine, I am reeling. Still, I wanted to visit my blog friends first. In case I don't get by here tomorrow, and of course, it is highly unlikely, it being Christmas day and all. I wanted to wish you the happiest, the merriest, the laughingest Christmas you've ever enjoyed. Merry Christmas, my friend.

Hays Family 5 said...

Merry Christmas! It's a good laugh about the things we did when our kids were younger and the mad dashes we made putting together stuff at the last minute! My husband and I laugh about the last minute wrapping that took place every year AFTER the kids went to bed. And we giggle about the year we let them open presents at 3 in the morning because our youngest woke everyone up.

Traditions are the greatest gift! Have a wonderful day!

Debbie said...

Merry Christmas, Mrs. E!

Shannon said...

We are having a nice relaxing day here too. My hubby is off doing the pilot thing, so that is a bummer, but so nice and low-key. We sort of crammed everything into last weekend so he could be around to join the festivities. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!