Wednesday, December 23, 2009

End Results

I needed about 5 more cooling racks last night when the sugar cookies were coming out of the oven. After 10 cups of flour, I think we hit a record number of cookies. There are still a lot of cookies that need some frosting, but we made a dent today.
K arrived bright and early bringing additional supplies and a lot more energy than I was feeling that early in the morning.
She started in on the pretzels, while I was still downing my last cup of coffee.

The pretzels had dried and she had already dropped a batch of fruit loopers, while I was finishing a batch of peanut butter fudge. By this time we needed a break; poinsettias (champagne and cranberry juice) to the rescue! See, baking really is a celebration!
We made two batches of Galaxy cookies, which may become our new family joke. One of the brothers gave me a recipe for these little gems. We've followed it for years. Today, we actually looked at the Betty Crocker Cookbook and found the original recipe--absolutely nothing like the recipe my brother gave us! The cookies look alike, and that is about it! We are kind of wondering where he manufactured that recipe he came up with!
We made a small dent in icing sugar cookies. There are still plenty to do! K iced enough to take with her to CT's family, and I have enough to share with the Mr.'s family. The rest will get done as needed.
So here is the platter that headed west with K. The balls with pink frosting are galaxy cookies, then the fruit loopers, sugar cookies, peanut butter fudge, and the pretzels.
Only one major mishap: little red and green sprinkles were spilled everywhere! A broom and dustpan were needed. L would have been proud. (Actually, she would have been nuts with all the chaos and mess.) OK, I might still be finding some of those little sprinkles decorating the kitchen floor; however, I'm trying to think of them as Elf dust! By Easter, I may have them all rounded up!


ch said...

Delicious! We do sugar cookie decorating at Easter...and it takes me the full year to gear back up for my day spent in the Betty Crocker concentration camp. Yours look have Mr. E phone me with the recipe...:0)

Puna said...

OH my gosh that looks yummy! Merry Christmas!

ELK said...

wow...that is ALOT of baking my friend..good thing you had "refreshments"!

Gayle said...

mrs. e, when you mentioned downing your coffee and then the next photo had your poinsettia in a wine glass, I had to laugh! Oh, yeah, you were having coffee! Everything looks very yummy!

Relyn said...

Oh, yummy fun going on at your house.