Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Hand Spa Is Open

Somebody has incredibly scaly, dry hands. I think it has to do with the occupation. Since L is still sick and a movie was out--we opened the hand spa on Easy Street. (Yes, we're desperate for entertainment--and I'm tired of losing at Skipbo!) Actually, CT's hands are so dry he was a willing victim though he wasn't sure when the camera came out. Yeah, it was paybacks for beating me so bad at cards!
I missed the picture of him scolding the dog with the mitts still on. Funny stuff. I'm thinking I've found the perfect birthday gift for the boy. Those poor hands. OK, it is all right if you want to feel a little pity for him, too. After all, I did take his picture and post it for all blog world to see! He'll learn to let me win at cards once in awhile!


Shannon said...

REAL men wear hand mitts!! Were they pink?

joyce said...

We used to play Skipbo a lot when the boys were younger.
It does suck when your hands are dry & chapped. I use this really good "heel & foot" balm, which works wonders on my feet, I bet it would work for hands too.

Gayle said...

I hope L feels back to her healthy self soon!