Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holidays at Home

The snow certainly created a little havoc with our Christmas trip plans. We had a white Christmas, but the wind and drifting meant no Christmas trip this year. When the kids managed to arrive at noon, Santa had tucked some of the trip money into K and L's stockings.
Rum slush, poinsettias, appetizers (made by the girls), games, naps, and movies made for a relaxing Christmas Day. The Mr. and L are still feeling a little under the weather, so I'm thinking neither would have enjoyed a trip too much anyway. Right now, I just want them to get well!
K and I went for an afternoon walk and worked at avoiding the drifts. A walk made a little more challenging because we were being walked by the dog.
It was still snowing when we walked. In fact, it is still snowing this morning. Good decision to celebrate Christmas at home.
K and CT enjoying the movie--not!
Khallie (the black lab) only had to poke CT once in awhile when he was snoring. (She might have had help!)
CG giving the evil eye to Ms. Smarty Britches.
Wondering who Ms. Smarty Britches is? Actually, L was sick enough that she was pretty laid back. Hope she gets to feeling better soon, and that her medicine kicks in. I kind of miss the sass!
Today, the guys are off to breakfast at the local cafe. L is still fast asleep, and K and I are headed out to take Khallie for a walk. (Or the other way around!) We're hoping to catch a movie in J town this afternoon and that CG's sister and niece might be able to join us.
Not quite the Christmas trip we had imagined, but it is just nice to have everyone together. Not having to worry about travel in this mess is just an added bonus!

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Enjoy your cozy Christmas!