Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Three Sleeps

With three sleeps until Christmas, these are the things on my mind:

*Grocery shopping- done!
*The Mr.'s and L's colds- sure wish they could shake them!
*Christmas Eve menu for dinner at the Mr.'s mom's: Pork tenderloin
*Late Christmas Eve services
*Christmas morning menu: Egg casserole, poinsettias
*Stocking stuffers- I just needed a few goodies from the jolly old man- done!
*Winter weather- I'm hopeful (OK, praying!) it won't affect our travel plans for Christmas Day.
*Mom's sugar cookie recipe- chilling, ready to roll out and bake
*Cookie baking and candy making- planning on that tomorrow
*Rum slush making (and tasting)- in the freezer as I type!
*Cleaning the house
*Packing- clothes, games, and goodies

Sounds busy, but it isn't. Nothing is rushed. I can do it on my time--and it is fun "work." I can get most of it done and still have time to sleep in, drink coffee, and enjoy some Christmas music or a Christmas movie.

When the weather outside is frightful, staying home is pretty delightful!


Shannon said...

sounds like we are going to have a significantly white Christmas here too! like 10-12 inches worth... not sure if I want to be that blessed.

Gayle said...

I completely agree, Christmas work is the best kind of work! It sounds like you've got some great plans! Now, I'm off to wrap!

2Thinks said...

Sounds great! And your list reminds me that I better get on with mine. I do find it hard to work in blog reading and definately blog writing, with all this holiday fun "work". I see you're doing alright with that.

Merry Christmas!

Dandy said...

Yay! I'm baking tonight and I'm going to sing Christmas carols while I do it... loudly!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

I would give a pretty penny for some of your rum slush right now! Hmmm...slush and sloshed sound pretty similar. ;) You can tell where my mind is after day TWO of baking - and cleaning out the toy room!

ols1 said...

Grocery shopping - eeek - that is on my list tomorrow - sigh. God bless you and yours - I have enjoyed our chats - Merry Christmas xo

Puna said...

I'm so jealous Mrs. e, so jealous.