Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookie Baking Day

Today is the day for cookie baking and candy making. K arrives at 6:30. The Mr. has to work, and L declined the fun. She actually IS a cook and prefers her own kitchen to our messiness! That, and I think sleeping in was just a little too appealing!

We have a division of labor where the sugar cookies are concerned. The Mr. mixes them up and rolls them out. I bake them, and then the girls and I have always been in charge of the decorating.

The Mr. and my mom had an annual sugar cookie phone call. Mom had given us her recipe. It called for 6-8 cups of flour. Every year he called to ask her, "How the heck much flour does this recipe call for?" Mom always got a chuckle out of it.

This year the Mr. mixed it up as usual, and it took 10 cups of flour to get the dough to the right consistency! Did I tell you this recipe makes a lot of cookies?

Sugar cookies are a favorite around here and an annual tradition. In fact, in the year of the Cabbage Patch dolls, I was in the basement sewing doll clothes. The Mr. was doing cookie duty, and I kept hearing screams of laughter from the kitchen. The girls were probably 2 and 4, and Dad was delighting them by flipping unbaked cookies in the air like a pancake and trying to catch them on the cookie sheet. There was flour everywhere!

Another year, a couple of the Mr.'s coaching friends arrived in time for icing the cookies. That was the year of the anatomically correct reindeer and Santas. yikes! I had to screen which cookies the girls could eat. I wasn't about to answer any anatomy questions based on sugar cookie decorating.

This year, we are sticking with sugar cookies in the shape of a circle. I'm thinking they will make adorable "ornaments" with colored icing, a few sprinkles, and some red hots for decorations. And yes, this is the lazy way out. They are a lot easier to cut out than candy canes, Santas, trees, and reindeer.

If K and I don't kill each other, I'll post some pictures of what we accomplish.

Only two more sleeps 'til Christmas...


Gayle said...

Anatomically correct reindeer and Santas sound scary! 10 cups of flour?!!! Wow, that is a lot of cookies!

joyce said...

anatomcially correct reindeer? That's as bad as politically corrected holidays!
You all are reminding me though that I really need to get bakikng!

Puna said...

L is going to regret not coming! Your end result was fabulous!