Saturday, January 23, 2010

The End of the Week

Favorite moments of this past week:

*Hearing about the 1st grade teacher who asked her students if they knew what was happening in Haiti.  One enthusiastic little fella raised his hand.  "Oooh, oooh, I know!  They had an earthcake!"

*We had a long lunch at trailer high yesterday.  I had to monitor part of the school grounds for about 20 minutes.  While I was on patrol, the sun came out!  Yes, the sun.  I had almost forgotten what sunshine looked like!

*The Mr. and I met Little Big Brother and family and Dad and Grandma B. for a birthday dinner.  Or maybe that was an un-birthday dinner.  There were margaritas, so I'm thinking that means it was a celebration!

*I've been fighting off a cold all week.  I feel like the Energizer Bunny with a weak battery. Throw in an in-service (always a good time) and a library board meeting, and I'm still proud to boast that I didn't miss a day! 

*Taping the video time capsule is always an experience in showing my video camera ineptness.  Favorite moment:  before he talked about his Carhartt jacket, a student ran up the ramp to hop on the deck railing and almost went over backward into a snow drift. I was no help at all, but I captured the moment and got a good laugh at the same time!   

*K put in an appearance at Trailer High.  She spent the afternoon tailing the principal for part of her administrative practicum.  I still say she's crossing over to The Dark Side!

*Wii.  I love playing the games.  My Wii age changes daily--anywhere between 41 and 64.  Coming out from the coma of codeine cough syrup didn't do much for my balance. (Hence, the 64!)

I think my Mii on the Wii is one of those sleeping ones.  At least that seems fitting for my week.

L stopped by for some Chinese food and Wii fun last night.  She is a maniac on a skateboard, and a dangerous slalom skier.  (It was a wonder no one was killed.)  We finally got to have birthday cake with her--not to be confused with 'earth cake.'

It was a good week.  And now I feel a weekend crash coming on! 

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Gayle said...

I love the photo of L with her birthday cake! Really nice post processing and she has such a cute smile!