Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Favorites

Coming off vacation, school got off to a rough start. I think this teacher underestimated how much my students had missed each other over break and how much talking they had to get out of their systems. By Wednesday, school life was returning to normal. (And then we take a 4 day weekend.  I'm guessing there is a repeat in my future!)

Here are some of the top moments of my week. 

1.  The cold weather accessories are always fun!

I loved these colorful gloves and the Kitty Kat stocking cap.

Furry hoods and hats were worn by both girls and guys.

Yeah, my students are pretty good sports to let me focus my camera their way.

2.  And here is my student with the cheery mohawk:

He is so creative, and I have no idea how he gets it to stand up like that! Besides having hair that always delights, he is just one sweet soul.  He always has a smile and a kind word.  

3.  When the snow started Wednesday afternoon, we had an announcement that we would be out of school on Thursday and Friday due to the cold.  The kids were more relieved than excited.  They knew it was going to be miserable, if not downright dangerous, walking our "hallways." 

This was the view from the front door when I got home:  still snowing and the wind was picking up.

4.  Soups!  This week we have made chili, turkey rice vegetable, and Calico Bean soup.  I could eat soup for every meal; the Mr., not so much.  However, we knew he was going to be working the RV show and wouldn't be home for many meals, so meal preparation is now easy for me:  heat up a bowl of soup.  I've got a feeling that next week will be all about the meat and potatoes!

5.  The new blog project for 2010 kicked off.  Alicia of NYC and I are posting joint pictures of our distinct locales every Monday.  Our first post theme was New Year's Eve.  You'll have to wait until Monday to see what our next theme is.  I've had my camera fairly busy the last few days trying to get the perfect shot for Monday's post.  (I have to show off my Midwest!)  

We're ending the week with bitter cold and snow drifts on Easy Street, but home is pretty comfy and warm.  There really is no place like home, but I better be able to get out and around before the cabin fever sets in!


Gayle said...

Sounds like a pretty good week, except for the talkative students! Stay warm!

puna said...

I love the hair! Can't wait for Monday!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh I love reading the narrative of your life and looking at the pictures capturing it so perfectly. Most of all I love the way you talk about your students ~ that is the sweetest to me and I love you for being that kind of teacher/person.

I was kind of sad to see Martin Luther King day go down as a make up day. But since I admire the guy so much we will be celebrating him on his honor day! We gots to take these days as we can!

And soup! Yeah soup ~ I'm with you ~ love it and could live on it!
Blessings my friend!

Relyn said...

Snow day for us, too. Maybe one of the best perks of being a teacher, yes? I love your new project idea. How terrific!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

I loved this post - lost of cheery things to liven up the cold and frozen week we're having. Mohawk Kid sounds really fun kid - but shouldn't he wait until warmer weather to do that to his hair?! Yikes!

Your soups sound delicious - I think potato and bacon soup is coming my way this weekend. Mmm...

joyce said...

I'm not into soups either..the idea sounds so comforting, but I don't care for many soups. Your kids get a 4 day weekend right after Christmas? Lucky them, lucky you, poor parents!
I like how rainbow-head got all those colours in son loved it too. (He's trying for the "Newt" look from that show on the Disney channel.."Cory in the House", don't know if you know it.
I think your kids are so special and good-natured because they have a teacher like you.

Debbie said...

Hard to believe you are freezing and we are boiling. I have had to hose down my rabbits for fear that they will drop dead in this heat. All of my dogs are flaked out on the cool tiles in the airconditioning. I bet the guy with the mohawk has trouble finding suitable beanies. Have a great weekend.

2Thinks said...

I am all about that hair! Wowsa. I have to show that to Fash. I do believe you have more snow than we do up here in Michigan. Can that really be? No way.

Soup is the best, I concur.

Happy weekend!

2Thinks said...

Oh, you took off the word verification. I love it! Oh, and I love the new venture Metropolitan Magic and Country Charm!