Sunday, January 31, 2010

Loose Ends

There are a few things I want to update:

*Can anyone help Joyce at A Day In the Life Of save a video to her computer?  I can help her post one, but I don't know how to save one. 

*The proceeds from T-shirt sales at the Friday night ball game went to purchase a mammogram machine for the local hospital in the small town we played.  I think I already told you that players wore pink socks, shoelaces, and wrist bands.  The cheerleaders all cheered in the pink t-shirts, too.  The coaches for Trailer High wore dress clothes and tennis shoes in support of breast cancer research. (This must have been a nationwide thing, as I noticed that the university coach wore that on Saturday, too.) All in all, the student councils collected over $1500.  It was a very pink evening.

*Someone asked what my sophomores were writing about for district assessment.  In our state at the high school level, students have to write persuasive essays.  (Juniors have a state writing assessment, so other grade levels provide practice on the persuasive form.)  We gave my students 4 topics to choose from.  (They didn't LOVE any of them!)  They had to take a stand one way or the other on the issues given.  Here were their choices:
1.  Government should require fast food places to require a healthier option.
2.  Personal education based on life experience is every bit as important as "school" education.
3.  A strong family influence is crucial to success.
4.  Self discipline is important in self development.
These papers will now be rated/graded by a committee of teachers.  I won't rate the writings of my students; I'll be rating other grade levels on a district grading day.

This is the last day of January already.  I'm watching snowboarding and listening to the Mr. snore.  Just a typical Sunday afternoon on Easy Street.

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Gayle at Planet M Files said...

I'm in Joyce's shoes when it comes to uploading video to the computer! My husband asked me to upload a video last week and I tried but was not successful. (And I have done it in the past!) We had to get my 16 year old son to upload it! I think it probably is different with every video camera, too.