Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maybe You Didn't Know But...

I just read Alicia's A New York City Life.  She's a list maker.  I like that.  So, I'm making my own list of things you probably don't know.

*The Mr. and I have a sneaky race every night to see who can be the first to set the electric blanket so it is warm when I go to bed. 

*I was once an extra in a made for TV movie.  And that is when I discovered that film making is the most boring work in the world:  hurry up and wait and wait and wait.  The stars are coached like a bunch of trained monkeys. "Look this way.  Now turn your head.  Start smiling.  Now laugh....and CUT."  And this is great acting.

*We found a bottle of ranch salad dressing on the pantry shelf yesterday with an expiration date of August 2007.  Scary.

*I'm pretty sure they don't make spices in small cans any more.  Half of my spice cabinet has spices in cans.  Some of them were part of the grocery shower friends gave me when we married 33 years ago.  You think it is time to clean out the spice cabinet?

*I love video games.  (I know. I'm kind of old for that.)  The year Santa brought the girls a Nintendo for Christmas, we sent them to bed and played Super Mario until 1:30 AM. 

*Somewhere in my garage is a Schwinn bicycle that once belonged to the Mr.'s mom.  I think it is a 1950's edition.  I am going to dig it out and find a basket for it.  My guess is that it may need new tires, too. I'm planning to be known in Tiny Town as the crazy old bicycle lady.

So now you know.


Gayle said...

I have some really old spices, too! I can't bring myself to toss them because I like the cans! Haha, that makes quite a picture in my mind of you riding around town on the old bike!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I like these facts about you ~ but instead of the crazy bicycle woman you can be the "fun, adventure-seeking, and in good shape" woman! Just make sure you get a red wicker basket and a great sounding honker!

Alicia said...

Oooo I love it!!

I want a vintage schwinn soooo bad!!! Someday, I hope we have a place big enough here in the city to store one...

Kitty M said...

Oooh I LOVE a list! In fact I have recently seen a cute 'list book' which I keep meaning to buy. I must put it to the top of my to do list! I would be racing you all to the electric blanket tonight it is soooo cold!! Have a great week ... xxx