Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sleep Craziness

I am a sound sleeper.  I sleep so sound that when my daughters were younger, they used to go to my husband's side of the bed because he was easier to wake up.  Sad.  I know.

I talk in my sleep, too.  It usually makes no sense:  red spiders on the ceiling, a barbie doll in bed, or a medicine I need to take immediately.  The Mr. has learned to ignore me.  Reasoning with me is out of the question and only makes me angry.

To top it off, I walk in my sleep!  Yeah, I'm a nightmare. 

Two years ago, I did a sleep study.  (Wires, sleeping in the hospital, the whole bit!) For weeks I had been sleeping all night and waking up exhausted. And I mean EXHAUSTED.  The study told me nothing.  Na da. Sleeping pills were suggested and rejected.  Eventually, I either got used to the exhaustion or I started sleeping better.  Which? I have no idea. 

Now, the light-sleeping-legs-always-moving-sometimes-snoring Mr. is doing a sleep study.  A couple of weeks ago, he woke up choking and gasping for breath in the middle of the night.  

Has it happened before?  I wouldn't know.  I'm a really sound sleeper.  (There goes my wife of the year award!) 

The thought crosses my mind that if he has been doing this for a while, that would explain my disrupted sleep and exhaustion.  It also explains his dozing in the chair every evening.

I will be very interested in the outcome of this study.  Two years ago, I had a hunch they were testing the wrong spouse.  If I'm right, you can call me Dr. E. 


ch said...

Whitney was a CRAZY sleeper...she'd constantly sing in her sleep (crazy warbling songs you couldn't make out)...and she was a walker, too. We caught her trying to relieve herself in my parents' closet. Just wanted to get that out there for the internet world.
I'll be interested to hear about the sleep study results! Hope you're both back to restful snoozing, soon. At this stage in my life, a good's night sleep is the happiest wish I can bestow upon anyone.

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

I think all moms are have a bit of doctor in them - if we didn't have it before we became moms, we earned it through lots of on-the-job training! So I'm siding with you on this one. ;)

Kitty M said...

Mrs E I am giggling away to myself. I love people's dreams and talking in their sleep stories :-) I wake myself up laughing and crying sometimes. Like my husband always says just make sure you dont give away your secrets as you are chattering away - kisses Kitty xxx

Gayle said...

My mother-in-law tells some hilarious stories about the silly things my father-in-law talks about in his sleep! Good luck to the mr.

Alicia said...

Sleep is such a crazy thing sometimes! I don't know if I posted it on the blog or not, but a while back, I woke up in the middle of the night FREAKING out! I was panicking because I thought I'd lost my wedding ring (the one I never wear because of the neighborhood I work in)... I was panicking to the point of crying, which made Seth jump out of bed and try to find it where I usually keep it. I kept telling him that I had to call the insurance people about it! Then I realized, when he turned the light on to find it, that I was dreaming.

He was a bit angry that I woke him from his slumber... Which of course, made me cry EVEN more!! ...Speaking of sleep - I think it's time I head to get some myself... :) Hope it's figured out what's up with your husband's sleep.

2Thinks said...

We have sleep issues over here, too. More, the older we get. Don't know what's up with that.

It's good to read your blog again. I got lost in homeschooling and working on publicity for the show, Annie, that Fash is in. It's coming up quick!

Debbie said...

I can relate to this post. My husband talks constantly during his sleep - more than when he is awake :0