Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trailer High After Snow

You know what happens when snow melts.   Trailer High has been dealing with a lot of slushy water, ice, and mud the consistency of runny gravy.  UGH!  But it is all expected when you go to school in the midst of a construction site. 

The other day I needed to walk the block long cattle chute to the trailer classrooms on the other side.  I got to the entrance of the chute, and this was my choice:  4 inches of water or 4 inches of sludge.  There was no way to jump over it and no way around it.  Did I want to be soaking wet or ruin my shoes in the mud?  It was the end of the day.  The kids had been dealing with this all day long, AND NO ONE HAD SAID A WORD! 

I chose the water, soaked my good shoes, and then reported it to administration.  Repairs were being discussed. 

Kids have fallen on the sidewalk ice.  One girl fell on the frosty deck outside my room.  Not a word.  No one even came in to tell me.   

One boy came in yesterday after falling in the mud.  I know think he had help with that.  The smiling, tardy boy said, "See, Mrs. E.  I really couldn't help it this time."  He headed into the bathroom to clean off.   He wiped off as much as he could, though his jeans were a mess.  After he left, I went into the bathroom and remembered that my paper towel dispenser had been jammed since noon, and the custodian hadn't come by yet.  He didn't even have paper towels to use.  Not a word.  

The kids don't complain or even alert the office when there are mud holes to dodge or bad conditions to deal with.   

So, this is Trailer High:

They have very little parking so they are parking several blocks away from the school.  Using their car for a locker is no longer an option. 

They have no lockers.  They carry it all in their backpacks.  

Mud and water puddles are everywhere.  (Strangest moment of the week: Two boys with incredibly muddy boots volunteered to "power wash" them so they wouldn't track in mud.   Scarier?  I let them!) 

Athletic teams have been struggling in just about every sport this year. We have very few wins to boast.

And yet--the sophomores are happy, smiling, and cheerful every day when they enter my classroom.  They joke.  They mess around.  They always have a story to tell me.  Morale is surprisingly good. 

No one is more amazed that I am...and their attitudes and cheerfulness are contagious.  

I keep wanting to ask: "Who are these people and what have you done with the students of Tiny Town ?"

So now I'm just wondering: Did someone put an antidepressant in the town's water supply??!! 


marinik said...

wow... kids can surprise us at times... i'm so glad you shared this with us, these kids have been through so much and by now i guess have learved to deal with things... again wow, we should all be proud that the future generation could come through :)

Anonymous said...

.....they're just making lemonade out of their lemons AND their glasses are half full, no where near empty! ~smiles & Love from Olathe

joyce said...

Humour in difficult times is always a blessing. Maybe they also put funny pills in the water supply, or you need to find out what kind of new drug these kids discovered!
I nominated you for an award, next time you stop by, pick it up!

Dandy said...

What a blessing.

I can't help but think that maybe a good part of it is walking into YOUR classroom. Perhaps that helps with the morale... don't you think?

Shannon said...

Sounds like Trailer High has become Mud Puddle High. What you said about the "cattle chute" reminds of Maren's favorite book. "We can't go over it. We can't go under it. Oh no! We have to go through it! (We're Going on a Bear Hunt) Kids can be so resilient - much more so than we give them credit for. Hope things get better for you all though! Can't be fun...

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Resilient ~ hopeful ~ faith that things will get better, oh to live like them! Maybe a very good goal for all to set!
Blessings to you Dear and to your kids!

puna said...

It is a tribute to the human spirit! Not everyone looks on the bright side of life.

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Ha! Maybe you need to send me some bottled water. :) I never like dealing with those sorts of conditions, but I do like that everyone feels like they're in it together and that morale usually goes up. Silver linings are always good!