Friday, January 15, 2010

January Joys

I know a lot of people don't like January.  I do.  And I really like this January.  Why?

*Snow.  It makes a lot of mud when it melts, but it looks so pretty coming down.  It makes the whole world beautiful. (It covers our messiness.) 

*Sunshine.  When the sun comes out in January, it's more of a treat than during any other month of the year. 

*Sweaters, jeans, and boots.  That could be my wardrobe year round. 

*New Calendars.  Between Christmas and New Years, I love to shop for a new calendar.  The days are all empty and full of possibilities!

*Coffee is great year round, but in January a cup of coffee is a mug of warm comfort.

*New babies.  My young colleague gave birth to a sweet baby girl, and my niece gave birth to a beautiful boy a week later.  Welcome to our world Callie and Campbell!

*Soups.  Homemade soups.  Yum!

*The theaters are full of great movies.  Avitar. Sherlock Holmes. Blind Side. And those are just the ones I haven't seen yet!

*Wii Fitness Plus.  The Mr. hasn't been crazy about me skiing again, so I haven't been since the stroke.  This week, I've been slalom skiing and ski jumping on the Wii.  It isn't even close to as much fun as the real thing, but it is a taste of it!

Now, I have a confession to make.  My balance was bad on Wii when I started.  Really bad.  However, it might have helped if I hadn't put the Wii board backward.  Leaning the opposite direction required added a level of challenge that I didn't really need.  Now that the board is facing the right direction, the games are a whole lot easier.  Dur! 

This January weekend is all about sunshine, coffee, soup, Wii time, movies, and we time.  The calendar square is empty.  I like that about this January!


Debbie said...

What an optimistic view of a very cold month! Good for you!

Gayle said...

Welcome to the new babies!

Thank you for the well wishes. I'm still sick, but at least upright for a little while!

Kitty M said...

Happy Weekend Mrs E ... have a great one - kisses Kitty xxx

puna said...

Mrs. e I love this. Thanks for getting me back in a good mood again.

puna said...

Oh and the Wii does work better facing the right way:)

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Oh you crack me UP! I am still giggling over the balance board. It's so something I would do!

And awwww - Callie and Campbell! They sounds like they belong together. You *are* having a sweet, snuggly January!

margieandkath said...

laughing, you speak of campbell and in the next line, soup. i forget that you and i are strokers. i no longer ski either.