Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Wii Bit of Everything

Yesterday, the weather channel said we would be in the upper 30's for the day.  Yeah, right!  At noon yesterday, the actual temperature was 21, but felt like 12.  And boy did it!  I've got to quit listening to the forecasts when I get ready in the morning.

*We've had a little weather related fun at Trailer High this week.  On Monday, three trailers (6 classrooms) had frozen pipes.  Mine was one of them.  That meant no water and no bathrooms.  It was inconvenient.  We had to run to another trailer, the office, or the tech building to use the bathrooms until last hour when  they finished the repairs.  Then yesterday, the tech building (housing 4 classrooms) had no heat.  Forget inconvenient.  I'm sure that was just miserable. Let's hope today brings no more "fun!"

*Tonight, we are headed off to U town to have an early celebration for L's birthday.  She thinks she needs to head off to Philly for the actual day.  She has a four day weekend that includes her birthday. All she needed was the boy and a plane ticket to make her day complete.

So tonight, we're going out to dinner with L and friends.  She wanted a dressy coat for her gift.  We went on a little shopping trip on Sunday, as I wasn't about to choose one without her input.  She found one she liked, so Mom and Dad's shopping was pretty much done.  I did find a couple of other things to surprise her, but I'm not telling what those are.  She might be reading this.  She is a nosy little thing and awfully hard to surprise!

*I've been playing on the Wii Fitness Plus. What have I discovered? My balance isn't good. (You think? My stroke didn't help what little balance I had!) My posture is good. (All right!) The really sad part: I may be the most uncoordinated person I know.

Wii has an activity where you cycle around "Wuhu Island." My "cycle" was crashing into walls and pedestrians. I ran over the distance markers and off a ledge. I was so bad, I scared myself!

In spite of how bad I am, I can't wait to get back on and try some new activity. Next up? Hula Hooping! (By the way, I can't do that in real life. Michelle Obama, I'm not!) I hear they throw extra hoops at you as you progress, and eventually they are lobbing things at your head. Fun stuff.

And that is just a wee bit of my week, and it's only Wednesday!


Hays Family 5 said...

My husband was late for work earlier in the week due to the fact that he was lost on the island! He was in some advanced biking game where you cycle around to find 22 flags. He could find 21, but the 22nd eluded him. He was ticked. The kids and I laughed AT him, and he got back on and spent more time trying to find the flag Monday evening. Still no flag. Oh, and he he had the same trouble with crashing and running over people that you had. I haven't gotten on,yet, but I will tonight. You inspired me to try! Have an uneventful day at trailer high--The Hays Crew

Shannon said...

Sweet Marissa and I are having a hula hooping contest. I am up at this point, but she leaves me messages - Mom, go check the Wii - and I just can't stand it. But I am so sore - that hula hoop is a killer!

Alicia said...

Sounds like a fun time!! I'm excited to see Wii in your title! Ha ha... I was just thinking of possible blog titles for a possible post on my blog... Wii just got a Wii :) in the mail tonight... Our evening will be filled with Wii fun :)

Kitty M said...

Morning Mrs E hope you had a lovely dinner with your daughter for her birthday and you all have a warmer day at school. Hoolahooping sounds a whole lot of fun and it is supposed to be a great way to keep fit. Will look forward to hearing how you have got on! Kisses Kitty xxx

Debbie said...

Good on you for having a go. My son is addicted to Wii - enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

I love my Wii Fit Plus too! The hula hooping has got to be my favourite activity! It is fun to try to catch the new hoops without losing the ones you already have. Enjoy!

Katie in MA said...

I am getting dizzy just thinking of you hula hooping! But it still sounds like fun. :)