Sunday, February 7, 2010

Checklist of Last Year's Birthday Post

The Birthday Challenge was to create a list of things to do in the coming year.  So here it is--
52 things to do before I am 53. Created last March.  Seems like I've got a bit of work to do!

1. Canoe or Kayak- just to say I tried it-NOPE (I have yet to be on a boat since the stoke)

2. Grow some vegetables along with some flowers- CHECK

3. Ride my bike from here to my mother-in-law's house (30 miles) NOPE

4. Hold a major garage sale- CHECK

5. Sell some things on Craigslist- CHECK, well gave away

6. Work at a bookstore or coffee shop this summer- CHECK- actually both

7. Own a laptop- CHECK

8. Rip up the carpet in my basement and put down some kind of flooring-NOPE

9. Organize my mess of a linen closet- CHECK

10. Read "The Pact"-  NOPE

11. Take my husband to lunch one day a month- HOW ABOUT JUST OUT? CHECK

12. Invest in the stock market- NOPE

13. Have a summer party- NOPE

14. Host a Christmas Open House- NOPE

15. Go to a concert- CHECK-

16. See a Broadway Show on tour- KIND OF CHECK, summer theater musicals

17. Learn an art technique- (does enhancing pictures count?) CHECK

18. Go camping several times- CHECK

19. Have a girls weekend with HS friends- CHECK- a wonderful one!

20. Have a girls weekend with my daughters- NOPE, darn it!

21. Read a book a week this summer- CHECK- at least 1, sometimes more

22. Visit the farm more often- COULD DO BETTER

23. Get the piano tuned- CHECK

24. Memorize a couple of songs on the piano-NOPE (my memory stinks-but there is still time!)

25. Visit a new nature trail/hiking path- CHECK- new bike/hiking path

26. Write a letter to the editor- NOPE-

27. Break a bad habit (caffeine, too much TV, nail biting??) CHECK and then started again!

28. Redecorate my home "office"- NOPE- unless adding to the clutter counts

29. De-clutter my house- CHECK for the family room and living room

30. Teach a new novel to my classes- CHECK- starting this week

31. Hold sunset services every now and then- CHECK

32. Use the fire ring- CHECK (in conjunction with sunset services)

33. Plan a small group bike ride- CHECK, but we got rained out- rain check this spring

34. Take a Christmas trip to somewhere I have never been- NOPE, snowed in!!

35. Learn to make a mean salsa HALF CHECK- I learned to make salsa-working on the mean!

36. Pick and freeze cherries or peaches- NOPE, though I did freeze jalapenos

37. Visit the antique stores for inspiration- CHECK, several times

38. Pay off a vehicle- NOPE, getting closer!

39. Make a bundt cake- NOPE, but I now own a bundt pan!

40. Have a morning tea with my next-door neighbor- NOPE

41. Take in a movie once a month- CHECK

42. Do random acts of kindness for some of my students who really need it- CHECK

43. Re-learn how to play cribbage- NOPE, but I ran off the rules last week

44. Visit a B & B with the Mr.- NOPE, but we did spend time at a lake cottage

45. Enter a photo in the local county fair- NOPE

46. Find a consignment store somewhere in the area- CHECK

47. Walk to work more than I drive- about half the time CHECK

48. See a really great fireworks show- CHECK, though not on the 4th

49. Learn how to make bread- NOPE

50. Knit a hat that would actually fit a head!- NOPE

51. Update my itunes- CHECK several times

52. Take a yoga class- NOPE, but I do it on Wii

It's a good thing I still have 6 weeks left.  I think I can check off a few more.  And I'm starting on this year's list a couple of weeks early.  I put last year's list together in about an hour and a half at the last minute. I'm giving it a bit more thought this year.  (It would be so much easier, if I wasn't so darn old!)


Steve Gravano said...

What a list! A few years ago a purchased a bread machine for my wife for Christmas. We use it all the time. The best feature is the timer. You can program it to have a loaf ready when you wake-up. It was the best investment I ever made.

puna said...

This is one ambitious list. I'm impressed that you got that much done.

ELK said...

you have done a LOT!!

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

You have done a lot of things from your list! Very good!

Kitty M said...

Hope you had a great week Mrs E I have missed my visits. Wowzer that is an impressive list -you have achieved quite a lot of those things. If only we were closer I could teach you a yoga class and join up to make a bundt cake. I have some lovey recipes for mini bundt cakes please do let me know if you would like them :-) x

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

My goodness - what an inspiration you are! You have much more checked off your list than I do. I have a good blueberry bundt cake recipe if you'd like it. And I'd like to know which novel you're teaching this week...

Alicia said...

Love this list! You make me want to do an update on my list (which I think I might have to today... I have 5 months left on mine...)

Sent you a link for some "easy" and YUMMY bread!! Hope it helps :) And I definitely think 17 works!! It is an art! You should put "Visit NYC" on your next list :)