Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Somebody Is Having A Birthday

We're having a birthday on Easy Street.  This is the Mr.'s day to celebrate!  Well, I'm celebrating.  He might be crying in his beer. 

Here's what I'm celebrating about the Mr.:
*He cooks, cleans, and does laundry.
*He starts cars on cold mornings for the females in our house.
*He doesn't mind grocery shopping together.  In fact, he is good at carrying and stowing the bags.
*He's a good Dad.
*He knows how to iron.  (He actually presses better than I do--if I keep him in spray starch.)
*You never have to ask if he's mad.  You know it.
*Little kids always talk to him.  They love him, and they have the funniest conversations.
*He doesn't know a stranger.
*He's full of it.
*He's got a vicious sense of humor.
*He's generous by nature.
*He's kind to cashiers and waiters and waitresses.
*He can take any situation and make it fun--or at least funny.

Yep, he's a pretty tough act to follow for the boys the girls date.

The Mr. can make me fairly mad at times, but  I wouldn't last a week without him.  And I wouldn't want to.  So I'll let Frank sing this birthday song for me.

The Mr. and the Mr. B on Easy Street.  Notice the "Boys Rule" scarf on Baxter.  (Well, they think they do now that they outnumber me. We all know better!)
Happy 55th, Mr.!!  And many more!  Love you!


Anonymous said...

He SHOULD have been MINE!!! Give him a pinch for me (you know where!) Happy Birthday Man of my dreams!!!

FlowerLady said...

That was a sweet tribute to your DH. Happy Birthday to him.


Gayle said...

Happy Birthday, mr. e!!!

Mary said...

Isn't it great to have a hubby who can still make you laugh (even when you don't want to!)? Hope Mr. E has a very happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Yep - You picked a good one! We love him too as a Cousin-In-Law!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. E!!! Mr. B is pretty cute competition for ya! ;0)

joyce said...

Happy Bday to Mr. B! I so love your lists....I can always identify with some of the items...the one that tickled my funny bone this time was the one about never needing to ask if he's mad!

Debbie said...

Happy birthday to your other half. What a wonderful tribute for a wonderful man. Enjoy.

2Thinks said...

Ah a belated birthday to the Mr. Sorry I missed it on the day. Too much bookstore and homeschooling the senior (oh let it end!) Hope you had a very happy day, the Mr..

(He let you put his picture on? That's more than what I am allowed from I.T.)

ELK said...

hope it was a very special day ..I ate a piece of cake in Mr E's honor! wink!