Monday, March 15, 2010

The Start of Spring Break

The first weekend of Spring Break has been quite nice, even if the weather isn't cooperating.

*I did take a run that wasn't a lot of fun.  However, the green beer and sweet potato fries almost made up for that. 

*The Mr. got an early birthday present of some cast iron cookware he has been wanting.  Good job K and CT.

*I took a walk at a park near here with the Mr. and Baxter.  Granted, Baxter didn't think it was much fun.  In fact, the only thing he really liked was being carried.

Yes, this was about the sum total of Baxter's walk. 

*I had a long nap.  The whole daylight savings time change always gets to me!

*I finished my first book of break: Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner and have started my 2nd: Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom.

*With the selections over, it is time to fill out my bracket for NCAA basketball. Woo hoo!  Don't know a thing about basketball, but I always have a good time guessing who might win.  If they would include the mascots and team colors, I would have an easier time figuring out who to choose.

And today I'm hoping for a half 'n half day:  a trip to the bookstore and Panera's (my favorite lunch place), and time to get laundry and grocery shopping done.   That makes for half fun; half not so much.


margieandkath said...

baxter is so cute! he will be sorry when the break is finished and you leave him.

Gayle said...

Baxter's little face is so cute! I remember when Timmy was a puppy one time we were outside playing and he got tired out and just wanted to be carried. Too cute!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Poor little puppy with such cute little puppy legs! Maybe it will tire him out, though, and help him sleep through the night.

Thanks for including the book selections (um, ignore my earlier comment on Saturday's post asking what you were reading!). How did you like Little Earthquakes? I'm halfway through Memory Keeper's Daughter and it's...interesting.

Hope you had fun today. I am enjoying my day vicariously through you (at least the fun half!).

Shannon said...

Loved Little Earthquakes! My first Jennifer Weiner book and have loved them all since. Baxter is so stinking cute. Sounds like a good start to spring break.

joyce said...

We're into our 2nd week of spring break, hasn't been all that bad either, considering spring break = teenagers at home. Baxter does look like he's not imporessed with the walk or the camera catching his grumpy side!!