Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today's List: Of Course, It's Saturday

Of course, these things are happening!  It's Saturday!

*It's raining. 
*The dog gets up at 4:15 and is ready to play. So much for sleeping in!
*You need to shop, but so does everyone else so the stores are full.
*There is time to watch a really good movie or even the news and all you can find are cartoons and infomercials.
*There's time for a long, leisurely breakfast and all we have is "Oatmeal to Go."
*The Mr. is off to work, per usual.
*A movie or dinner date is out.  The NCAA Basketball tournament is on. (OK.  It isn't all his fault.  I'm as bad as he is at this time of year.)
*I should have lots of time for a run/walk, housecleaning, or even cooking and I will have no motivation for any of those things until Monday when I have no time.

This isn't every Saturday, but it certainly is this Saturday!

And now for the rest of the story:
1.  I'm meeting L for a trip to the bookstore and coffee.
2. We're having lunch at Panera and taking in "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid" matinee.
3. I'm headed to a watch party for the NCAA games, and the Mr. will join us after work.

Now, if it would only quit raining!


ch said...

Mmmm...bookstores and coffee on a rainy Saturday...

I believe we'll be doing bathroom toilet disinfecting (LC's ideal location for daily water play) and Similac Sensitive...

But anyone under 4 feet is going down for a nap in purple pajamas at 3:30!!!!

Gayle said...

At least the bad things are balanced out by the good things. Except for getting up at 4:15 to play. I think only a nap will balance that out!

joyce said...

I totally like the comment about not having the motivation to do those things until monday when there's no time!!! I am feeling much the same, couldn't wait till saturday, now I am sitting here blogging because I can't find the motivation to go have a shower & get dressed!

Shannon said...

I hear ya on the rain. Hear ya on the getting up early. Hear ya on the Monday procrastination thing. Jealous about Panera - closest is an hour away. Got my two mile run in the other day though!!

Debbie said...

I'd say you have a perfect day! Daughter + bookstore + Coffee + Paneras....It doesn't get any better than that!!!!!!!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens? Sounds like the Saturday I just had - I spend most of the week wanting 5 minutes to myself and then Saturday night I had a good cry because I missed my girls! I hope the rest of your day fell into place.