Friday, March 26, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Wednesday was one of those days that the kids at Trailer High dread:  it poured.  We had our own Tiny Town Lake just outside my trailer.  (Seriously, the next time it rains like that we are finding a snorkel, mask, and fins for a photo op!)
Adorable rain boots were out in force.  Who could resist this pink polka dot fun?  Unfortunately, some of the kids who weren't in boots had water wicking up their jeans.  I think we had about an inch of rain over the course of the day.  There were some wet, miserable students begging for me to turn up the heat to take the chill away.

Then this adorable outfit showed up in a downpour to tell me she had a meeting.  (Obviously, she isn't superstitious!)  I made her stick around long enough for a photo.  She was definitely a bright spot in a dreary day.

Then Thursday:  sunshine and 60 degree temperatures!  We might have had pretty cold breezes, but we had sunshine!!  Ahhhh....

I caught this deck lounger texting on her cell phone and waiting for her teacher to return from lunch.  If there is sunshine, the students are finding a way to enjoy it.  (Notice the boots though--we have plenty of mud to make boots necessary for several days!)

We've had two days of sunshine this week, so that means the return of "sunset services" on Easy Street. (Sitting outside, enjoying a drink, and watching the sunset.)  Baxter and I play. I find sticks for Baxter to fetch or throw his little baseball to amuse him, and what does he do?  He pounces on leaves and tries to eat them.  Argh! The pup is obsessed! When the Mr. gets home from work, we'll sit and talk and watch Baxter attack leaves.  Sometimes we go for a walk and try to wear Mr. B out so he will sleep all night.

We like it when the sun shines down on us.  That means construction can continue and keep us on schedule to be in our new building by next January.  We are more than ready.  Tiny Town has needed the sunshine. 
Though the moonlight is nice, too.  It's been a long winter.


Mary said...

They make the most adorable rainboots nowadays, don't they? Y'all deserve a LOT of sunshine!

Gayle said...

You have very stylish students! That is so cute that Baxter pounces on the leaves!

2Thinks said...

Your students are such good sports! Love their boots. And there's that picture again, it's great. I'm taking a chance on a comment today and hoping I don't invoke the "connecting infinately" bug. Here goes: I'm clicking

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Kim said...

Love the moon photo. Sounds like your week has improved despite computer scheduling glitches and rain. Those bright boots have to brighten your day a little, right? AND, it's almost the weekend!
Kim at

puna said...

Those are so cute! Pretty rainboots makes it all better!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I am finally catching up on all of my blogs. I loved this post and all of its pics - hope you have had more than your share of sunshine since you wrote this! (Although I'd almost hate to miss the boots. They are too cute!)