Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tunes- "My Best Days Are Ahead of Me"

I was flipping through the television channels on Saturday and this music video caught my eye.  There are lots of written quotes that keep popping up during the course of the video.  I love quotes.  My other blog is nothing but quotes and photos.  (Quoth She)

Since Saturday, I've listened to the song several times.  I like the message of it.  Maybe it is more of a "young" person's song, but I feel the same way--even at my age.  Aging doesn't bother me.  ("Age ain't nothing but a number.") There are always things to anticipate.  Good things are out there.  I plan to still feel this way when I'm 100.  I know-- we'll talk then!

So... another country tune.  This is Danny Gokey who was on American Idol.  I don't remember him, but I sure like his song.  Look for all the quotes scattered through this video.  Oh, and there's about a 10 second commercial for Kenny Chesney on the front end. It couldn't be avoided.

"My Best Days Are Ahead of Me" by Danny Gokey.

"I've got sunsets to witness
dreams to dance with
beaches to walk on
and lovers to kiss
there's a whole lot of world out there
that I can't wait to see
My best days are ahead of me
My best days are ahead of me"


Gayle said...

I love that! I remember when Danny was on. His wife had died not long before they started the American Idol season. I always liked him.

Dandy said...

I love that song, I've been hearing it on the country stations! Of course you love it, its so you!

I never really follow American Idol but Danny Gokey goes to church with a friend of mine. I think that style suits him.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I'm not an AI follower anymore, but I like the song. And I LOVE the sentiment. Of course, now I won't be able to listen to it without thinking of how his wife passed and I know I am going to get all sniffly!

Mary said...

What a great song! After reading the comments, I remembered who he was in AI. He sure can sing!