Monday, May 17, 2010

The End of the School Year

At yesterday's graduation it was hard not to get a little emotional.  Two of the students had Dads who were deployed.  The military came in and ran a live stream video so that the Dads could see their seniors graduate. They also had a chance to talk to them before the graduation began.

Besides that, this senior class had five students who had lost a parent since last August.  The Senior Class President and one of the speakers had lost his mom last fall to leukemia, and his dad was in the hospital and didn't get to hear his youngest son's speech or see him graduate.  His three big brothers were filling in as both Mom and Dad.

Add in the fact that this class spent their last two years going to school in trailers. They have pretty much seen it all.  They know a lot about overcoming adversity.  That may be the best preparation for life, but I'm hoping that the years ahead are kinder.

Today is the last Monday of this school year.  Four days left.  Four busy days left.  Oh, who cares?  In four days I will have time to think about something besides school, writing tests, planning lessons, and grading papers.  At home there are closets to clean out and some furniture to rearrange.  I might actually have time to think about a wedding or at least a post-wedding party. 

I better not get ahead of myself.  There is still a lot of work in front of me, but four days....!


Kim said...

Graduation is emotional, even without all the added circumstances. Thinking of all of you and yours! Have a great last four days!

Mary said...

WOO-HOO! Snoopy Dances all around!
Oh, and, thanks for making me cry with your heart goes out to those students.

margie said...

mrs. e i have no doubt that you are a wonderful comfort to all of your students.

gayle said...

That sounds like a very emotional graduation. I also hope the years to come of kinder to those kids.