Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday's List- The Best of Saturdays

What I love about Saturdays...

*sleeping in a bit
*a leisurely cup of coffee- instead of rushing it before the shower
*staying in PJ's until noon if I want
*Saturday shopping trips
*evening plans for dinner or a movie
*morning visits to the library
*time to catch up
*old movies
*phone calls from the little sis
*finishing a book I started earlier in the week
*making lists for next week
*cleaning or yard work if the mood hits--otherewise that's what Sunday afternoons are for

Give me a lazy, summer Saturday.  I'm pretty sure I'll figure out a way to enjoy it!


Kim said...

Now that we're done with harvest, some of these things are on my list for today, too! Enjoy!!

B. Meandering said...

Some of these are on my list now since I FINALLY FINISHED the second course and mailed it this morning. Halleluiah--I have my life back. I'm heading to the bookstore.

Mary said...

And that, Mrs. E, is a perfect Saturday list!

2Thinks said...

Good list. I had a doosy of a Sat. this Sat.- you'll find out why when you visit my Sat. entry over at my blog. Anyway, I'm recuperating.

Glad you enjoyed to the full!

Tina said...

Love the list! I love laying in bed on Saturday mornings and reading in bed.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I'm with you! No rushing because you have another weekend day if something doesn't get done. Saturdays (without the kids) have always been blissful, lazy "me" days!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Mrs. E. ~
Your delightful blog kept me from going to bed tonight as I read and caught up with your life! Now I'm going on a search tomorrow for blackberries as big as my thumb ~ I will be dreaming about them all night long.
Sweet summer blessings to you my dear! ~Katie