Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Explanation and a Tuesday Tune

Besides the Tuesday Tune today, I want to explain why Metropolitan Magic and Country charm are on hiatus.  Alicia (of the Metro Magic) is gone from the city on a three week trip to see family.  We're going to have a marathon posting when she returns.

And a bit of celebrating for Alicia:  she has a new teaching assignment in NYC.  I am quite excited for her.  This sounds like a much better fit.  I was beginning to worry we might lose her as a teacher forever.  Thankfully, she is moving on to a school in Harlem that sounds quite amazing and could ensure that she stays in teaching forever!

For the Tuesday Tune this week, I had to include this song from our matinee over the weekend. The Mr. took me to see "Toy Story 3."  I have to confess that I cried at the end of the movie.  I also spent most of the movie looking at toys my girls had when they were little. 

I've loved all the "Toy Story" movies.  They are clever and funny, but also a bit sentimental.  The title song is one that just makes you smile.

"You've Got A Friend In Me" will always be associated with "Toy Story."  I love this video of Randy Newman, the composer, singing his song.  He was 65 when this video was filmed.  I like seeing older performers who've still got it--and Randy Newman's still got it.

As the years go by
Our friendship will never die
You're gonna see it's our destiny
You've got a friend in me!

I haven't been much of a friend this past week in blog world.  Today, I am planning to see what all I've been missing!


Kim said...

Looking forward to the return of Metropolitan Magic and Country Charm. I always enjoy it. Thanks for the great song this AM!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hello Friend ~
I love that song from Toy Story also ~ haven't seen the latest one, but watched the other two recently to prepare for it! I hear it is a real heart string tugger.
Hope your summer has been wonderful ~ I love summers and I love visiting you and your blog!
It feels like a second or third home to me.
~ Katie

B. Meandering said...

I've been wondering about your NYC buddy--good to know it's a vacation that's been the reason behind no pictures. I'm also glad to hear she's gotten a position that will keep her in the profession.
I liked the song and I agree with you about the older performers; of course that might have something to do with our age.:)

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Hey now! One of the best things about bloggy friends is that they understand how real life goes. There are days (and weeks) when stuff gets in the way of your "play" time. We get it! And we're happy to see you whenever you stop by. :)

Kitty M said...

Oooh I love this track! I also heard Toy Story was great - my friends went to see it in 3D on Sunday evening! Can you believe I've still never been to a 3D movie!!