Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiny Town's New High School

I told you that I made a little 'unathorized' trip into Tiny Town's new High School over the weekend.  I haven't been in there since early May, so I have been wondering about the progress. 

Let me just say that I am more excited now than I already was!  With the view from the streets, I kept thinking that there was little chance of us making the January deadline.  Now, I am convinced it has a pretty good chance of actually happening.  (Lord, I hope I don't eat those words!!)

I've already posted some of these pictures on Facebook so that our alumni can see what is happening.  It may not look like much to you, but after Trailer High--it looks like heaven to me!

Below is the main hallway of our new school.  The classroom wings are off to the right.  You can see the wall tiles are in place.

This is one of the corner classrooms in the photo below.  The windows are going in this week.  In our old school, our windows were at ceiling level and I had to stand on my desk to see out.  The windows in the new school will be most appreciated.  And every classroom in the new school has a fairly large storage closet.  Unused textbooks and file cabinets won't take up valuable classroom space now.
Below is another classroom with the walls painted and dropped ceiling being put into place.  My guess is that in four weeks when the staff takes a "Back to School" tour, I will be amazed at what all they have accomplished.
And below is our English wing hallway. If you look closely you can see that all of our English classrooms are painted. 
The only area that I fear might not be ready to go in January is our new auditorium.  It still looks like there is a lot to be done, as you can see in the photo below.
Maybe the construction in this area will go faster than I think.  I hope so.  Anyway, these are the latest updates for our new school. 

It is hard for me to believe that we only have four more weeks of summer vacation.  BUT, this is one school year that I am quite ready to begin:  the last semester in Trailer High and then the move into a beautiful new school!

So much for me taking early retirement!  From the looks of our new building, I could spend quite a few more years enjoying it...and I just might do that!


FlowerLady said...

Your new school is looking good. I know you all will be glad to move into it.

Enjoy the next 4 weeks before school starts again.


Steve Gravano said...

It's funny how fast a construction job finishes near the end. I hope all goes well and the students get to assemble in their new auditorium on their first day.

Kim said...

You delinquent, you, sneaking into the school for unauthorized visits! Seriously, I'm sure it's exciting to visualize the progress and look forward to a wonderful new beginning!

B. Meandering said...

I can imagine how wonderful it will be! We're attempting once again to get the voters to approve a new high school and repairs and updates to the elementary and middle school building. When it rains, all of us have at least one bucket in our rooms; in mine there are 4. I've gotten used to the plink, plunk of water as background music to my lessons!
(That's just one of many problems, so a new roof would help, but just be a small bandaide)

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I am so excited for you!! Are they going to open it up for a Tiny Town tour/grand openening? I can just see everyone turning out and being amazed. Sometimes I think I could be very happy living in the Tiny Town you've painted for us - it's very Anne-ish!